Risk Factors In Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) - Epidemiological Results PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
Dimitriou - Papavassiliou Dimitris1, Papadimitriou Dimitra1, Papandreou Thalia1, Papadaki Papandreou Ourania1 1. Neurodevelopmental Outpatient Clinic, 1st Dept Pediatric Clinic of the University of Athens, Aghia Sophia Children’s Hospital, Athens, Greece1


The causes of Pervasive developmental disorders are multifactorial and still under investigation.


To investigate epidemiological risk factors regarding autistic spectrum. Material and Methods

40 children ages 4-19yrs attending our neurodevelopmental outpatient clinic diagnosed with PDD spectrum. Parents’ ages were estimated at child’s year of birth.


Father’s total mean age was 36yrs. Mother’s total mean age was 32.3yrs. Total of fathers over 35yrs old: 56.75%. (over 37yrs 38%.) Total of mothers over 35yrs 37.5% (over 37yrs 24.3%.). Perinatal problems total 37,8%. High educational background of parents 67.56%. Total family mental health problems history 13.51%. No correlation was found with low birth weight. Mild Autism was 32.4% and was strongly related with perinatal problems (50%). Father’s mean age 37yrs (over 35yrs 58.3%). Mother’s mean age 29.75yrs (over 35yrs 25%). Serious Autism was 32.4% and related with multiple factors, especially family mental health history (33%). Father’s mean age 44.75yrs (over 35yrs 50%). Mother’s mean age 36.3yrs (over 35yrs 41.6%). Asperger syndrome was 35.2%. Family mental health history was only in 7,7%. Asperger was related with perinatal problems 46.5%. Father’s mean age 37,46yrs (over 35yrs 69,23%). Mother’s mean age 34,46yrs (over 35yrs 53,85%).

ConclusionAutistic spectrum is strongly and steadily related with father’s age at child’s time of birth, over 35yrs and increasing age with the severity of autism. Perinatal problems were important factors in mild cases and in Asperger syndrome. Family mental health history was related only in serious autism. High educational background was surprisingly present, in all cases.